Reykjavík lies on the shores of the North Atlantic, and it ia the capital of Iceland. It is a city where vibrant urban life harmonizes with breathtaking natural wonders. Home to over 130,000 residents, Reykjavik encapsulates the essence of Icelandic warmth and creativity. It is renowned for its colorful houses and the Hallgrímskirkja church’s striking silhouette. The cityscape reflects a unique blend of modern design and traditional Icelandic charm. Reykjavik’s economy, fueled by tourism, fisheries, and renewable energy, has played a pivotal role in the nation’s economic growth.

Some things to know about Reykjavík:
-Hallgrímskirkja is Reykjavik’s iconic church and one of the tallest structures in Iceland.
-It celebrates Iceland’s rich literary heritage, with an emphasis on the Icelandic sagas and contemporary literature. 
-Almost 90% of Iceland’s homes are heated with geothermal energy, harnessing the Earth’s natural heat. Additionally, the country has a high percentage of renewable energy sources, including hydropower. The city’s sustainability efforts align with Iceland’s overall goal of being carbon-neutral.
-It is a base for Northern Lights. The aurora borealis is a mesmerizing natural phenomenon visible in the dark Arctic skies.
-It is known for its unique and popular hot dogs. The Icelandic hot dog, called “pylsa” in Icelandic, has become a cultural icon.
-During winter there is only a few hours of daylight, whereas during summer there is only a few hours of night.