Our Story

MOVEU Professional Services S.L is a private organization situated in Barcelona, Spain, with the primary mission of actively participating in actions of significant impact on the European level. 


Since its establishment in 2009, our organization has been deeply involved in European policies and initiatives, specializing in the organization and implementation of European mobility projects in vocational education and training (VET) and youth programs. Beneath the overarching concept of European mobility, MOVEU cultivates a profound commitment to providing high-level support through services and solutions that consistently align with the core tenets of European frameworks and policies.

In addition to our distinctive brand name, MOVEU – European Mobility / Movilidad Europea, which combines the words “European Mobility” with the Catalan verb for “to move,” symbolizes the fundamental idea associated with the exchange of European knowledge and experience, primarily among the members of the European Union.


Our primary objective is to meet our clients’ needs and uphold our commitments with respect to timeliness, discipline, and uncompromising quality. We are deeply committed to valuing our partners, external collaborators, and stakeholders. To further demonstrate our dedication to quality, our organization has obtained ISO 9001 certification for Quality in Services.

The projects we implement consist of educational activities of formal and informal training.

The main goal of these partnerships is to create the appropriate conditions and tools that will serve:

∙ the exchange of knowledge

∙ the promotion and development of innovation and good practices

∙ participation in the lifelong learning process

∙ entering into partnerships in the context of lifelong learning

∙ the promotion and development of the cultural elements of the local and European society


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