During the projects realization  there is a number of coordination fields, that we support high responsibility and professional  level.

Our main objective is to perform with the maximum support by:

  • Organising the reception of candidates;
  • Organising the accommodation of candidates for the duration of the programme;
  • Organising language course and socio-cultural preparation (if required): it will take place prior to the placements;
  • Organising local transports (if required);
  • Organising transport from and to the airport (if required);
  • Planing the training itinerary of the beneficiary with the company mentor and the beneficiary together;
  • Finding and identify prospective enterprises and/or organize professional visits;
  • Implementing the follow up procedures: monitoring and tutoring will be on a regular basis, guidance and support will be available at all times to the trainees;
  • Evaluating placements and collection of all qualitative/quantitative information necessary to produce a final report;
  • Issuing final certificates;
  • Co-operation at all times with the sending organization;
  • Dissemination and transfer of results during the forthcoming period of mutual co-operation

Our final target is to assist you in order to deliver a successful project that can achieve the best evaluation from your national training organization of European projects.