Mental Resilience and Education

Description Mental Toughness in Education has emerged as a highly significant factor in the development of young people. The key challenges they face and what they can do about them, particularly when approaching exams or tests. Mental Toughness is a personality trait that determines one’s ability to perform consistently under stress and pressure. Mental toughness is a personality trait which embraces in a very practical way, ideas such as mindset, chara


Description The course aims to present the Interculturality and integration of refugees in school. In addition, teachers will be involved in group and role-playing activities related to the important role of integration of refugees. Dates Location & Price Location   - Barcelona Course Duration: 1 week course , from Monday  to Saturday ; Upcoming  Dates 2019: 8/12/2019 to 14/12/2019 Extra curricular activities included: 2 Barcelona Guided Tour