The course is destinated to educational stuff (professors,teachers) that they want to upgrade their teaching methods using TIC in their classrooms .

The content of the course contains theoretical classes , practical exercises workshops and team work with main purpose the creation of online material , the generation of an electronic class and the development of electronic evaluation systems for the students.


Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Pinterest, Blogs)
e classroom designers Moodle, Google Class
Participants will also learn about internet ethics and internet security and they will get part in workshops where they are going to learn with role playing the behaviour of the Web2.0 tools .The online classroom management is also an important topic that the participants will get practice to.

In the programme there is also a complete cultural schedule with visits in lots of sightseeing

Dates Location & Price

Location   - Barcelona

  • Course Duration: 1 week course , from Monday  to Saturday ;
  • Upcoming  Dates 2018: 6 - 12 May
  • Upcoming  Dates 2018: 16.03.2019 - 23.03.2019 (arrival-introduction,5days course,evaluation)
  • Set Dates 2018: 
  • Price: 350 € 
The course helped me in my career as a professor! Barcelona is awsome!
Giovanni RossoTeacher in Pescara Public Shool

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